Maxon Endurance Deep Cycle MXEG12-85


The Maxon Endurance Series is a Gel AGM Hybrid battery. It uses a thick plate design with advanced AGM separators and a newly developed silicone gel electrolyte imported from Germany. This makes them an ultra-high-performance battery.

They have the ability to be discharged deeper with twice the cycle life of standard AGM batteries, giving them a more reliable performance under an extreme temperature range (-25°C to 60°C degrees). They are highly suited to Mobility, 4WD, Solar, Marine and standby applications.

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Product ID: MXEG12-85
Brand: Maxon Batteries
Series: Endurance
Type: Gel


Normal Overall Dimensions (mm)
Length: 260
Width: 169
Total Height: 215

Technical Specifications

Warranty: 24 Months Replacement
Volts: 12
AH: 85
Weight (kg): 26.2