Amaron Euro Truck Battery N100R (EN100)


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Amaron batteries have forged a strong name in Australia due to their combination of value and outstanding reliability on Australia’s rough unsealed roads and in our tough climatic conditions.

Made in India to suit the harsh and demanding native environment, they feature a rugged design and patented technology which combine to deliver performance and convenience comparable to sealed technology at the price which is only a small premium over that of conventional flooded type alternatives.

Amaron Lasts Long, Really Long and provides a great balance between cost and performance. Featuring a clean flush top design the Hi-Life range of starting batteries are designed for use in Automotive, 4WD and Marine applications including many Domestic, Japanese and Korean Vehicles.

Featuring high CCA ratings, very good amp hour capacities and impressive RC ratings, Hi-Life offer a clear performance edge. Like the Hi-Life series above, the Amaron PRO feature outstanding performance and maximum service life thanks to advanced features including advanced electrolytic paste and patented Silver X plate technology, which also helps to combat corrosion and the need for periodic maintenance. The Pro series covers a selection of DIN case types to cater for the OEM replacement of many popular European makes and models.

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Heavy Equipment Vehicles  | 12 Month Warranty I 12V 700 CCA l 100 Ah
  • Designed and Built for Australian Conditions
  • Maintenance Free, Vibration Resistant
  • Suitable for Heavy Commerical Vehicles
  • Ultra-Reliable Heat Tolerant Battery
  • Made in India
  • 12 Month Warranty

L410 x W176 x H234 Positive Right