Automotive Batteries

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Battery Central have been selling automotive batteries for over 7 years.

We stock a large range of quality products to give our customers reliability, superior performance and convenience. We offer a large range of Maintenance Free and Low-maintenance automotive batteries. Most batteries come with an Australia wide warranty.

A quality battery is your best insurance when you are traveling, especially in, out of the way places & in the harsh Australian environment. We stock Supercharge, Neuton Power, Optima, Deka, Amaron, Varta and others. Plus we sell a large range of well known & well regarded brands including Amaron, Century, Delkor, AC Delco, Federal, Interstate, Odyssey, Varta, Gel-Tech, Intimidator, Lifeline, Fiamm, Supreme, US Batteries, Fullriver and more.

We also have cheaper alternatives for most automotive applications.

There is free in-store testing service, fitting (in most vehicles) and delivery available in Brisbane. We also do Altrenator & Starter Testing. If your car is slow to start or your battery is more than 3 years old, chances are you need a new battery. Call in for a free battery health check.

Best batteries at lowest prices

Battery Central Brisbane sell a huge range of batteries to suit almost anything:
Automative batteries Comparison Table

Battery Central also carry dual battery systems which are recommended when running powerful accessories such as an inverter or fridge while the vehicles engine is turned off.

A dual battery system allows accessories to run from an auxiliary battery that is independent of the starting battery but is charged while the engine is running. A dual battery system ensures there is always enough power in the starting battery to start the vehicle.

Don’t ever be stranded again with our range of jump-starters from leading brand Oz-Charge. (Inverters belong in Solar and have nothing to do with automotive)

Jump-starters are suitable for jump starting vehicles and can also be used to power 12V accessories. The Lithium jump starter can easily jump start a diesel F-Truck 15 Times before needing a recharge.

We carry a large range of chargers from Oz-Charge, Projecta.

Suitable for all applications, for the home user to the workshop, or hardwired into the camper.

For more information please feel free to contact our friendly staff on (07) 3194 8805 or visit us at Battery Central at 1/16 Dulacca St, Acacia Ridge.