Delkor Batteries

The Delkor® batteries are manufactured by Johnsons Controls, the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer with over 100 years of expertise in powering your drive. Manufactured in Korea since 1985, Delkor batteries have been constantly evolving, putting innovation into you driving power. Giving our customers the bet is the motivation behind our breakthroughs and ensuring that you enjoy products and services that surpass expectations is our drive.

For 11 straight years since 2006, Delkor brand is the only brand to win the coveted top spot for automotive batteries at the Korean Quality Excellence Award, a prestigious award that celebrates product quality reflected by customer satisfaction. Today, Delkor batteries are renown for quality-in fact, one of the best in the world.

As part of Johnson Controls, each Delkor battery has access to the most advanced technologies and state-of–the-art production facilities. Our patented proprietary PowerFrame® grid technology strengthens, reinforces, and makes all the difference to automotive batteries. It is what’s inside that matters.

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