Varta Batteries

Varta Batteries are designed and have a reputation for delivering powerful, reliable and long lasting batteries, with their advanced PowerFrame® grid technology also ensures superior starting performance, fast recharging and longer life. No wonder the majority of leading car manufacturers trust VARTA. Varta are leaders in advanced Start-Stop Automotive Batteries, considered global leaders in lead acid and other advanced batteries for start-stop, hybrid and electric cars, millions of people worldwide rely on Varta Automotive Batteries.

Battery Central Brisbane is your local stockist of the range of Varta automotive batteries for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles. Battery Central Brisbane’s onroad support can supply and fit Varta batteries roadside or at your home or business. If you own a European vehicle fitted with the Stop Start option, Battery Central can reset your computer with the Yu Fit Battery at the same time. We offer free in store fitting and free delivery in and around Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich (if fitting isn’t required).

One of the worlds biggest battery brands, Varta Batteries are renowned for long battery life, superior reliability and exceptional performance. Over 125 years experience in automotive battery manufacturing going into every Varta Battery, no wonder they are the choice of OEM battery for the majority of leading car manufacturers.

Varta Batteries are also the market leader in Stop/Start technology, designed for the highest performance for premium cars with stop/start regenerative braking technology and other fuel saving solutions.

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