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Expert Advice Better Batteries Best Prices, everyday!

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Best Lithium Caravan Batteries

Best Lithium Batteries for Caravan in Australia

Not all lithium deep cycle batteries are the same. This article is of general nature; always refer to the specific battery manufacturer data sheet and ...

COVID-19: Our priority and safety measures

Dear Valued Customer, We are Coronavirus Conscious. At Battery Central Brisbane, our biggest priority at this time is the health and safety of all our ...
Rv Maintenance Batteries

How to Maintain and Troubleshoot Your RV Batteries

Most RVs come with 12 volt lead acid RV house batteries, which usually hold an optimal charge of approximately 13 volts when fully charged, providing ...
Battery Central

Battery Central Now In Ipswich Supplying Your Best Batteries For Auto, Marine, Mobility Scooters … All Your Battery Needs

Battery Central Brisbane New Location In Ipswich Battery Central Brisbane are now in Ipswich located at Unit 9/280 Brisbane Street West Ipswich! Supplying top quality ...
Deep Cycle Batteries

Looking For A Deep Cycle Battery At Wholesale Prices?

You\’re in luck – because we are down to the last few deep cycle batteries from the container load we received last month.These are top ...
Volkswagen New Electric Batteries

What’s The Best Car Battery To Buy In Brisbane?

When you’re looking for the best car battery, it pays to know what’s coming in the future. Here at Battery Central Brisbane we keep right ...
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