Volkswagen New Electric Batteries

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When you’re looking for the best car battery, it pays to know what’s coming in the future.
Here at Battery Central Brisbane we keep right on top of current and new technology. One of the latest announcements is from Volkswagen, still grappling with the fallout over their emissions tests.

Here’s a view of their new electric car, just unveiled.

VW are trying to catch up with rivals in electric cars.

“We are developing a special vehicle architecture that foresees the installation of flat batteries,” said the VW CEO, Diess, in an interview. “This will be a breakthrough for us.”

Diess said VW is also creating a new business segment called “New Volkswagen” to bundle development of digital features for connected vehicles and related mobility services as Silicon Valley firms like Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc. plan inroads into the automotive segment.

“The automobile world is changing dramatically and new players have unbelievable resources, ” Diess said. “Now it’s important to revamp and let things go to invest in other things like software development and battery production.”

Of course, Tesla is the most famous electric car producer and they’ll take some catching by VW.

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