Unlike most battery shops, Battery Central Brisbane does not just fit mobility batteries; we use dedicated, qualified, industry experienced technicians. Our experience has found that eight out of ten mobility batteries that we go to replace have failed prematurely because of unrelated issues with the scooter or have incorrectly been fitted the wrong batteries.

How to ensure you get maximum life from your mobility batteries?

Before you replace your mobility batteries, be sure to check for these common issues that can cause your batteries to fail prematurely.

Brakes sticking
This is a common fault found and it not only wears brake parts it also puts excessive load on your engine and batteries.

Battery charger not charging correctly
Not using the correct charger and settings will prematurely shorten the life of the batteries

Controller faulty
A faulty controller will put excessive wear on the engine and braking system.

Damaged and faulty wiring & sockets
Poor wiring and fitting can overheat and cause a fire.

Incorrect batteries fitted
Most quality brand mobility scooters come out with EV Gel batteries designed to handle that application; replacing them with batteries not intended for mobility scooters will cost money in the long run.

Engine bushes wear
Worn bushes will arc out and put excessive load on the batteries, but prematurely shorten the life of the motor.

As a local business, we have always strived to give customers value for money, motivating us by providing free mobility fitting. However, because of such non-related technical issues arising, we decided to form a partnership with locally owned and operated mobility scooter specialists. We believe that ensuring that your mobility scooter is checked and serviced at the time of battery fitting, will help you get better returns from your battery and save you money in the long run.

By just replacing batteries and not addressing these issues will cost you money in the long run. This is why we recommend getting your scooter professionally serviced at the time of battery replacement.

What’s included in your professional battery replacement service?

  • Complete mobility scooter service.
  • A detail safety check.
  • Fit new batteries that are designed for mobility application.
  • Check that the battery charging system is fully operational.
  • Replace fuses if required.
  • Check the battery charger is operating correctly.
  • Test the braking system for faults.
  • Test the controller is fully functional.
  • Inspect engine bushes are not worn.
  • Take away your old batteries for environment-friendly recycling.

We will extend your warranty to 18 months for professionally fitted Maxon QCELL Batteries by a Battery Central Brisbane’s Authorised Fitter.

How much does a professional mobility fitting service cost?

Mobility Equipment Service Prices

About Mobility Equipment Services:
Steve Lang and his team at Mobility Equipment Services has 20 years of industry experience, and he only employs experts in this field. However, they know how valuable mobility equipment and living aids are; as such, their entity’s goal is to provide only the best.

Aside from having years of experience in mobility equipment servicing and repairs, their service technicians are also industry-trained and police checked. They also are qualified certification for testing and tagging, as well as repairing and maintaining oxygen concentrators.

With their technicians’ knowledge and skills, they can provide mobility equipment service for all types, brands and models of mobility equipment and living aids.

Here are some packages we have put together for you.

mobility battery fitting prices

Here are some packages we have put together for you.


Generally fitted within 1-3 working days. Please allow up to 1.5 hours for the service and fitting. Our authorised fitters will contact you directly once the order is placed.

No, not all batteries advertised as mobility batteries are suitable. However, most reputable scooter manufacturers come standard with gel batteries designed to handle high frequent discharging.
Standard AGM deep cycle batteries vary in design and will work in light applications; however, a quality Gel battery will handle the higher discharge and significantly outperform the AGM counterparts in the larger sizes.
When replacing with the Maxon QCELL batteries, you can rest assured you are getting the latest Carbon Gell technology designed as a direct replacement for the OEM battery.

Most manufacturers claim a distance using a laboratory test; however, in real-world situations, you need to consider other factors such as terrain, condition of the scooter, and the driver’s weight.
In saying that, a driver weighing around 70Kg on a relatively flat surface using a medium-size scooter with 35Ah – 40Ah batteries, you would expect around 25 – 30Kls.
For the larger 55Ah and 80Ah, you would expect 45-55kls.
When fitting new Gel batteries, they need to be cycled at least 12 times to reach their full potential.

Ensuring your batteries are fully charged is integral to getting longer life and performance out of your batteries.
With all the new chargers these days, you can’t overcharge the batteries on a mobility scooter, so you can be confident you can leave the charger on overnight.
Most modern chargers are fitted with an automatic cut-off, so they will simply turn off when fully charged.
The more advanced multi-stage chargers will go into a float or storage mode, so the batteries will remain to top up if not used for long periods.

Yes, they are designed especially for the mobility scooter application, which requires a robust, frequent discharge in a battery.
They are similar to the standard fully sealed Gel batteries. Both use a common lead positive plate; however, the Lead Carbon uses an advanced carbon composite on the negative plate.
The advanced carbon composite on the negative plate has similar characteristics to a ‘supercapacitor’, which allows for faster charging and high discharge, plus helps reduce sulfation to the negative plate while in a partial state of charge.

Suppose your model will allow you to change to larger batteries. In that case, you can replace them with higher capacity (Ah) batteries, increasing your range.
However, apart from costing more and being heavier to lift, you will need to check if your current charger can charge the new batteries to specifications.
Not charging properly can prematurely shorten the life of the batteries, which may not give any more gain. This will also void the warranty.
Best talk to an expert about plans and charging requirements.

Not sure about what batteries would work best for your mobility scooter?