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Expert Advice Better Batteries Best Prices, everyday!

Free Battery Charging and Testing

Our experienced trained staff pride themselves on giving personalised honest advice on the right battery for the right application, be it your car, truck, marine, mobility, deep cycle or solar.

If you are not sure of the state of health of your battery, Battery Central have the right equipment and trained staff to recharge and test all automotive, motorcycle, deep cycle, marine and solar batteries.

Starting batteries (Automotive) and deep cycle require two different type of testing, a starting battery needs the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) where a deep cycle required a discharge test to determine the capacity.

All batteries need to be fully charged before testing.

Free Battery Charging

Starting or deep cycle batteries can be recharged for free by dropping them into either Acacia Ridge or Ipswich stores. Depending of the size and the state of charge this can take up to several hours with our multi-stage chargers which will recharge it property to manufactures specifications.

Free Battery Testing

Automotive starting battery (Cars, Trucks, Motorbike, Marine starting)

Once fully charged testing a start battery with the latest Medtronic’s electronic tester can quickly determine the condition of the battery (be aware not all electronic testers are accurate).

However, we recommend testing with a Carbon Pile load tester which simulates the actual starting of the vehicle, measuring more accurately the Voltage and the current draw give a truer Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) capacity of the battery.

Deep Cycle Battery, (Caravan, Marine cycling, Dual Purpose, Mobility, Solar)

An initial test can be done with an electronic tester to determine if the battery has failed cell, however a more comprehensive discharge test is required to determine the actual capacity of the battery, this can take up to several hours.

This is done by using one of our latest battery capacity testers, it will give an accurately reading of the capacity of the battery.

Making Informed Decision

At battery Central we are not here just to sell batteries but to help find with solutions.

Once you have an accurate test of your battery you can then make an informed decision towards a solution.

For On-site Mobility Testing please “Click Here”

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