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Marine Batteries

Marine batteries are specially designed for the demanding conditions of marine environments. Available at Battery Central Brisbane, these batteries are typically hybrid, offering dual functionality to start engines and power onboard accessories. They are built to resist the harsh marine elements, with vibration and corrosion resistance being key features.

There are several types of marine batteries:

  • Starting Batteries: Provide quick power to start engines.
  • Deep-Cycle Batteries: Ideal for running electronics over extended periods.
  • Dual-Purpose Batteries: A combination of starting and deep-cycle capabilities, suitable for smaller boats with limited space.

Available in various technologies like flooded lead-acid, AGM, gel, and lithium-ion, each type of marine battery caters to different needs in terms of performance, maintenance, and cost. At Battery Central Brisbane, we offer a range of marine batteries, ensuring you have the right power source for your marine adventures, balancing efficiency, durability, and reliability.


  • Dual Purpose
  • Marine AGM
  • Marine Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Marine Flooded
  • Marine Gel
  • Marine Starting
  • Trolling Craft Batteries


  • Energised Batteries
  • SeaMaster
  • Supercharge Batteries
  • Maxon Batteries
  • Trojan Batteries
  • Optima Batteries
  • Motobatt Batteries
  • Delkor Batteries
  • Lifeline Batteries
  • Varta Batteries
  • Century Batteries
  • Quantium Lithium by Maxon
  • Predator Batteries

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