Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries At Wholesale Prices

We’ve received a container load of deep cycle batteries, which we’re selling at wholesale prices. Just in time for your summer adventures, whether you’re away camping, going on a big road trip or want to be certain that your DIY solar is spot on.

Deep cycle batteries come in a range of different types and technologies however the basic are Flooded, Maintenance Free or Fully Sealed AGM / GEL. All have different applications

Here at Battery Central Brisbane we have the best range of deep cycle batteries for all your needs, whether it be a GEL, AGM, Maintenance Free or flooded.

Deep cycle batteries are able to provide a constant flow of power over long periods although they can also provide power surges. These batteries are designed to be discharged on a regular basis and, unlike a car battery, this can happen hundreds of times.

Your typical deep cycle battery will carry three times the reserve capacity of a car battery. Most often used four wheel driving, caravanning, camping and in RVs. Also used for pallet jacks, scissor lifts, golf Carts and floor sweepers.

There are four types of deep cycle batteries:

Gel Batteries:

Sealed gel batteries do not release gas when charging, so they can be used indoors. Remember, a battery maintained at a constant temperature will perform better.

Maintenance Free:

These are a lead acid seal maintenance free battery, however unlike the GEL and AGM they do release gas on charging and not suitable for indoors.


Flooded batteries are a lead acid battery with caps to allow water to be added. Like the maintenance free battery they release a gas on charging, only use these outdoors. They cater well to the cycle of charge and discharge for many years.


Absorbed Glass Matt are a woven glass mat between the plates holds the electrolyte. No gas is produced on charging, these batteries are leak and spill proof with superior performance. All the best qualities of gel batteries

Give us a call to reserve your battery – our container load of deep cycle batteries won’t last long because we’re selling at wholesale prices. Don’t miss out – we want you to make the most of this great summer!