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Battery Central Brisbane New Location In Ipswich

Battery Central Brisbane are now in Ipswich located at Unit 9/280 Brisbane Street West Ipswich! Supplying top quality batteries at wholesale prices along with fast, efficient, friendly, reliable service.

This is our second location, due to customer requests. So now choose your nearest l
There’s never a good time to find yourself stranded with a dead battery, so Battery Central’s Mobile Battery Service is helps to keep you on the go. With free battery testing, delivery and installation, you can avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of a dead battery breakdown.

The Basics Behind Battery Replacement Services At Battery Central Brisbane

Car batteries are fundamental parts of both the charging and starting systems. Within the starting system, the role of the battery is to send a current of electricity to the starter so that the vehicle is able to start and run. In addition, the battery is responsible for supplying electricity to other electrical components, such as the radio and the internal and external lights when the demand exceeds the supply of the alternator or when the vehicle is off.

Most vehicles use one battery, but vehicles with diesel engines, electric vehicles, or vehicles that run a 24-volt system may require two or more batteries to power their engines and electric systems. Without a working battery, an engine will not start. As such, it is important for a driver to keep watch over battery life.

Why Should You Have Battery Replacement Services Performed By Battery Central Brisbane?

If you are having trouble starting your engine, visit us for a battery replacement service. We will quickly find out if the battery is the cause of the problem and in need of replacement. Although new batteries generally perform well for the first three to five years before they are likely to malfunction, battery life can be shortened from extreme weather conditions or improper maintenance.

Unless you have access to the right testing tools, there may be little warning that your battery needs to be replaced. Our staff has the necessary tools to review your battery’s performance. If our results indicate you need a replacement battery, we will help you through the replacement process.

If you have questions or concerns about your battery, simply give us a call 07 3736 0297 or contact us here online.

We proudly service the Battery Replacement needs of customers in Brisbane and can ship too Australia wide. The furthest we’ve shipped is to Perth – because once you’re a Battery Central Brisbane Customer you know that “You Can’t Buy A Better Battery“.

Get all the advantages of a local, family owned business which orders wholesale and passes on the savings to you – unlike the “big box chains” who focus on returns for their shareholders. We buy container loads of top quality batteries and pass on the wholesale pricing to you, our customer.

That’s why we’re so popular with our trade customers – because “You Can’t Buy A Better Battery” than with Battery Central Brisbane.

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