Fit the Right Battery and CONFIGURE it Correctly
or Risk Permanent Damage

Owners of Late Model (Mostly) European Cars Fitted with Energy Saving “Stop-Start” Technology – a cost effective and simple solution is now available
Thanks to our advanced “battery configurator technology” you are 100% safe!
The wrong battery or the right battery NOT configured correctly can lead to:
  • Early battery failure
  • Loss of Idle Stop Start (ISS)
  • Increased CO2 emissions
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Loss of non-critical vehicle functions
  • Damage to vehicle electrical system
Battery Central Brisbane’s Solution

When we fit a new battery we simply hook up our state of the art device which configures the replacement battery to your car’s active energy system and battery monitoring sensor.

What this does is tells the car a new battery has been installed which is “RIGHT” for it. The vehicle will now operate like the original.

It’s quick and easy for us – at Battery Central Brisbane, we’ve got you covered!

Why this is so important…

Many late model vehicles, to improve fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions have been fitted with ISS or Idle Stop Start technology.

When the vehicle is stationary at traffic lights for example the engine cuts out. Put your foot on the accelerator and it starts again.

For such vehicles, the installation of the correct battery type and specification is VITAL.

The vehicles in question have an energy management system which requires the correct configuration of the replacement battery.

How the technology works:
To ensure optimum battery performance, the energy management system uses data from the battery sensor to measure the battery’s current, voltage and temperature. The state of health of the battery is calculated and the energy management system adapts the battery charge to the correct electrical load.

If a battery is NOT configured properly to the vehicle specifications problems can occur.

So, what are you waiting for? We are just a click away