Neuton Power Batteries

Neuton Power is a top quality battery and are made using the best products and manufactured to the highest standard. Neuton Power has a full range of batteries from AGM, Gel, Auto batteries & Solar batteries. They are made by one of the worlds largest battery manufacture who also manufacture Bosch, Ford and Caterpillar batteries

Battery Central Brisbane have been selling the Neuton power automotive batteries for 7 years and have proved to be an economically and reliable battery. These are one of our best selling automotive battery so we buy in volume which enable us to offer incredible value-for-money for a extremely quality high power battery (High Cold Cranking Amps – CCA).
They are sealed maintenance free calcium battery so you can fit and forget. Comes with a nation wide 24- 36 Month Replacement Warranty.

Battery Central Brisbane is your local stockist of the range of Neuton Power automotive batteries for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles. Battery Central Brisbane’s onroad support can supply and fit neuton Power batteries roadside or at your home or business. If you own a European vehicle fitted with the Stop Start option, Battery Central can reset your computer with the Yu Fit Battery at the same time. We offer free in store fitting and free delivery in and around Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich (if fitting isn’t required).