Lead Crystal® batteries are designed for harsh environments. Working in temperatures above +65°C and down to -40゚C they can be discharged down to 0 volts and recovered daily without loss of capacity while retaining the ability to recharge twice as fast as traditional Lead Acid variants. At -40゚C the LC battery can provide up to 50% of the original rated capacity and at +40゚C will achieve seven years service life.

  • 99% Recyclable/Greener/Safer
  • Easy Transport – no special conditions
  • Faster Recharging – up to twice as fast as Lead Acid
  • Greater Cyclic Life – 6000 cycles to 20%, over 1600 to 80% DOD
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • High and Low Operating Temperatures: -40゚C to +65゚C
  • Long Battery Life – up to 18 years float service life
  • Form, Fit, Function replacement for VRLA, AGM & GEL battery range