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You Won’t Buy A Better Battery

We pride ourselves on good old-fashioned service. We take time to test your battery to make sure it actually needs changing, recommend the right battery for you and fit it with care.

We’ll also advise you of the best way to look after your new battery so it stays in tip-top condition for years to come.

Stay active and on the go with a quality, dependable mobility battery from Battery Central Brisbane. You or your loved one will have so much more mobility and mileage out of a battery-operated mobility scooter when you purchase the right Gel or AGM battery for the equipment.

Your best choice of mobility battery packs for all the top brands and models of mobility products. Our mobility scooter batteries are of a premium quality, of identical or exceeding quality than that of your original scooter, wheel chair, or power chair battery.

Mobility Scooters Batteries

Not sure about what batteries would work best for your mobility scooter?

We only stock high quality batteries. Our batteries are made using quality engineering techniques in well respected factories. Thanks to our high turnover, our stock is fresh.

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Your new scooter batteries will be BELOW recommended retail price.

We pride ourselves on our friendly old-fashioned service. For example we’ll explain how to keep your scooter battery in tip-top condition.

How Long Do Scooter Batteries Last?

In general, as long as 2 years if looked after. It all depends on use and care. The scooter should be charged once a week if not being used. Mobility scooter batteries cannot be overcharged as the charger cuts out automatically (If it is working correctly). It usually takes about 8 hours to recharge if the meter is low.

Batteries are maintenance free: they can be tipped over, etc without spilling and they don’t need to be topped up with water. In general, the life of a deep cycle battery is determined by its quality and by how many cycles it has been through – usually in the vicinity of 200-300 cycles if discharged fully, but more cycles if it is only partially discharged. If the battery is discharged by only 20% and then recharged, it will last longer than one that is discharged by 60% and recharged – i.e. it will have more cycles.

Batteries also last longer if they are stored in a charged state, not a discharged state. So it is best if your scooter is charged every night after use. Leaving a battery in a discharged state damages the battery. It is also better to leave the charger “ON” at all times if the scooter is not in use. Batteries reach their peak performance after about 20 cycles.

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Mobility Scooter Battery Chargers

Mobility Scooter Batteries in Stock

We carry a large range of mobility scooter batteries to suite most models. Ranging in size from 10A/H up to 105A/H. All batteries have a minimum 12 month warranty. Some of the larger ones have a 2 year warranty.

We carry batteries in both absorbed glass mat (AGM) and Gel format, and will always recommend the most appropriate battery for your needs.

We will be delighted to chat about the battery options for your scooter, how to extend your range and how to make sure that your charger is keeping the battery in tip-top condition. If you would just like us to check your batteries, or your charger, we’ll be happy to do so free of charge.

We stock the popular Maxon Batteries and can supply Neuton Power, Fullriver, Vision Batteries, Gel Tech, Powersonic and other brands.

Mobility Battery Fitting Service

Unlike most battery shops, Battery Central Brisbane does not just fit mobility batteries; we use dedicated, qualified, industry experienced technicians. Our experience has found that eight out of ten mobility batteries that we go to replace have failed prematurely because of unrelated issues with the scooter or have incorrectly been fitted the wrong batteries.

How to ensure you get maximum life from your mobility batteries?
Before you replace your mobility batteries, be sure to check for these common issues that can cause your batteries to fail prematurely.

As a local business, we have always strived to give customers value for money, motivating us by providing free mobility fitting. However, because of such non-related technical issues arising, we decided to form a partnership with locally owned and operated mobility scooter specialists. We believe that ensuring that your mobility scooter is checked and serviced at the time of battery fitting, will help you get better returns from your battery and save you money in the long run.
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