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Maxon 24V 240Ah Off Grid Battery Bank MXEG12-240 x 2


The Maxon® Endurance MXEG12-300 and MXEG12-240 batteries are designed for versatility; the batteries can be combined in series or parallel to create 12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V setups, catering to a range of off-grid needs from small to medium systems.

The hybrid design surpasses traditional AGM batteries, ensuring extended lifespan and enhanced discharge rates. We integrate top-grade AGM separators with German-engineered gel technology, delivering a robust solution for your off-grid power requirements.

Ideal for various commercial and personal applications, these batteries are particularly favoured for solar-powered setups in tiny homes, cabins, marine environments, and holiday retreats.

For expert guidance and local support, visit Battery Central, serving Brisbane, Ipswich, and Logan from our Acacia Ridge and Ipswich locations. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist with all your energy needs.

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Maxon® Endurance Hybrid Series Batteries - Specialized High-Performance Deep Cycle Solutions

Maxon® Batteries, an Australian boutique company based in Brisbane, specializes in delivering reliable deep-cycle and dual-purpose batteries for specific applications. Discover our range of AGM, Hybrid AGM, Carbon Gel, Lead Carbon, and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries designed to excel in Caravanning, 4WD Dual Purpose, Marine, Solar Off-grid, Standby, Mobility and Industrial applications.

Are you searching for a specialized power solution that’s reliable and high-performance? Look no further than Maxon Batteries, based in Brisbane, proudly specializing in providing deep-cycle and dual-purpose batteries tailored for specific applications. Our Maxon® products are meticulously designed to meet the demands of Australian conditions and hold ISO9001, ISP14001, ISO45001, UL, CE, and UN3480 certifications. We deliver exceptionally high-quality batteries at competitive prices by working directly with the engineers and manufacturers.

Maxon® specialization encompasses a diverse range of battery types, including AGM, Hybrid AGM, Carbon Gel, Lead Carbon, and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, making it easy to find the perfect power source for your unique application needs.

Whether you’re embarking on a caravanning adventure, requiring dual-purpose 4WD power, sailing the open waters, fishing with trolling motors, exploring the great outdoors in your 4WD or RV, optimizing your solar energy setup, or ensuring reliable standby power, Maxon® AGM Heavy Duty batteries are primed and ready to meet your demands.

Maxon® Endurance Hybrid

The Endurance Hybrid technology incorporates AGM separators with the German-made Envonik Sio2 Gel electrolyte additive. The hybrid battery can be discharged higher with increased cycle life over their AGM counterparts. Ideal for small off-grid, camping, marine and solar applications

Key Features

High-Performance Deep Cycle Battery

Maxon® Endurance batteries redefine high-capacity performance, ensuring a consistent power supply even during frequent cycles, making them reliable for all your energy needs.

Enhanced Vibration Resistance

Designed to withstand vibrations, these batteries are the go-to option for demanding environments, making them ideal for industrial and marine applications.

Maintenance-Free Operation

With a fully sealed, maintenance-free design, you can focus on your tasks without worrying about battery upkeep, streamlining your operations and maximizing efficiency.

Explosion-Proof Safety Valve

Your safety is our priority. Equipped with an explosion-proof safety valve, these batteries are engineered with protection in mind, enhancing overall safety.

Heavy-Duty Design with AGM Separators

The innovative combination of thick plate construction, Envonik Sio2 Gel additive and advanced AGM separators empowers these batteries to handle deeper discharges and higher currents, surpassing the capabilities of AGM batteries.

Exceptional Cycle Life

Maxon® Endurance Hybrid batteries can be discharged higher with increased cycle life over their AGM counterparts. Ideal for small off-grid, camping, marine and solar applications

Green Energy and Recyclability

Maxon® lead-acid batteries contribute to a sustainable future, offering recyclable components that align with environmentally conscious practices.

Local Australian Warranty

Backed by a local Australian-owned and operated business, these batteries have a warranty that protects and supports your investment.

Why Choose Battery Central

At Battery Central, we pride ourselves on offering our valued customers only the highest quality products. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just products; it includes exceptional customer service and expert advice. When you shop with us, you can expect the following:

1. Talk to Real People

Our knowledgeable staff offers free advice to help you find the correct battery for your needs.

2. Wide Availability

Battery Central carries a diverse range of bands and models to fit all budgets.

3. Competitive Prices

Enjoy competitive pricing with the convenience of a locally Australian-owned and operated brick-and-mortar shop.

4. Price Match/Beat Assurance

Battery Central aim to match and where possible beat any advertised price for the same brand and model from other reputable competitors in Australia.

5. Warranty Assurance

Rest easy knowing that our Maxon Endurance Hybrid Series Batteries have a comprehensive warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

6. Convenient Delivery Options

Benefit from free local delivery from our Brisbane and Ipswich locations

7. Australia Wide Shipping

Australia-wide shipping is available for your convenience.

8. Hassle-Free returns

Our easy No Quibble 30-day Return policy ensures satisfaction for unused and undamaged batteries.

9. Our Battery Guarantee

We guarantee personalized advice on the correct battery for your specific application.

10. After Sales Service

Count on ongoing advice and support even beyond the sale.

11. Expert Guidance

Trust Battery Central to help you choose the correct battery for your specific application.


  • Brand:    Maxon Batteries® 
  • Series:    Endurance
  • Model:    MXEG12-240 x 2 
  • Type:    AGM Gel Hybrid
  • Voltage:    24V
  • Capacity:    240Ah (C100)
  • Weight:    64.0Kg (per battery)
  • Dimensions:   L523 x W239 x H215 (mm) (per battery)
Battery Bank Size (C100) kW Battery Model Number of Batteries Series / Parallell Dimensions per battery (mm) Terminal Type Private Warranty
Length Width Case Height Terminal Height
MXEG12-240 Battery Banks
12V 240Ah 2.88kW MXEG12-240 1 n/a 523 239 215 220 M8 24 Months
12V 480Ah 5.76kW MXEG12-240 2 2P 523 239 215 220 M8 24 Months
12V 720Ah 8.64kW MXEG12-240 3 3P 523 239 215 220 M8 24 Months
12V 960Ah 11.52kW MXEG12-240 4 4P 523 239 215 220 M8 24 Months
24V 240Ah 5.76kW MXEG12-240 2 2S 523 239 215 220 M8 24 Months
24V 480Ah 11.52kW MXEG12-240 4 2S 2P 523 239 215 220 M8 24 Months
48V 240Ah 11.52kW MXEG12-240 4 4S 523 239 215 220 M8 24 Months
MXEG12-300 Battery Banks
12V 300Ah 3.60kW MXEG12-300 1 n/a 520 268 215 220 M8 24 Months
12V 600Ah 7.20kW MXEG12-300 2 2P 520 268 215 220 M8 24 Months
12V 900Ah 10.80kW MXEG12-300 3 3P 520 268 215 220 M8 24 Months
12V 1200Ah 14.40kW MXEG12-300 4 4P 520 268 215 220 M8 24 Months
24V 300Ah 7.20kW MXEG12-300 2 2S 520 268 215 220 M8 24 Months
24V 600Ah 14.40kW MXEG12-300 4 2S 2P 520 268 215 220 M8 24 Months
48V 300Ah 14.40kW MXEG12-300 4 4S 520 268 215 220 M8 24 Months
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