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Trojan S105 6V Deep Cycle Wet Battery


Trojan Battery is a global authority in deep cycle batteries, renowned for their outstanding quality and dependability. For over 90 years, this American company has been a cornerstone in the battery industry, innovating with advanced materials and technologies. The journey began in 1925 with the establishment of AC Propulsion Company, a trailblazer in electric golf car batteries, which set the stage for Trojan’s expertise.

These batteries are versatile and ideal for various uses, such as golf carts, marine vehicles, aerial work platforms, floor scrubbers, and off-grid storage solutions.

Trojan Batteries are synonymous with reliability and high performance, especially in demanding settings.

Available in Southeast Queensland through Battery Central locations in Acacia Ridge and Ipswich.

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Elevate Your Industry with Trojan Deep-Cycle Batteries

Trojan Battery has been at the forefront of engineering and manufacturing industry-leading batteries for nearly a century. Our journey began with revolutionizing the golf cart industry, solidifying Trojan as a beacon of innovation in battery technology. Today, we proudly stand as the world’s premier supplier of high-performance deep-cycle batteries, consistently delivering reliability and cutting-edge solutions.

Why Choose Trojan Batteries? Trojan Batteries’ legacy of excellence has played a pivotal role in enhancing various industries. We remain committed to powering your world with dependable, high-performance batteries that endure day after day, year after year. While our roots may lie in golf and electric vehicles, we continuously adapt to meet the demands of emerging technology, exemplified by our latest innovation – the Trillium™ Intelligent Lithium battery. It’s a superior battery with advanced features that provide extended runtime, a longer lifespan, and unparalleled peace of mind.

As technology progresses, Trojan is poised to innovate and address the evolving needs of electric vehicles and renewable energy applications. Just as our legendary batteries have stood the test of time, we are here for the long run, ready to power your future.

Your Local Source for Trojan Batteries: Battery Central is your trusted local source for Trojan deep-cycle batteries in SE Queensland. With convenient locations in Brisbane and Ipswich, we offer expert guidance and personalized service to help you find the perfect battery for your industrial and renewable energy needs.

Affordable Excellence: At Battery Central, we believe that quality shouldn’t break the bank. Our Trojan batteries offer a perfect balance of top-tier performance and affordability, ensuring exceptional value without compromising quality.

Empower your industry with Trojan Deep-Cycle Batteries from Battery Central. Contact us today or visit our stores to explore our range of high-performance batteries and experience the reliability and innovation that Trojan is renowned for.

Key Features

Proven Durability

Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries are our flagship product, engineered to thrive in rugged conditions. They offer a long lifespan and superior performance, making them ideal for various electric vehicles.

T2 Technology™

Thanks to Trojan’s historically proven engineering and T2 Technology™, an advanced battery technology for maximum sustained performance, our deep-cycle flooded batteries are unrivalled in the industry.

Trusted Quality

Trojan is a name synonymous with excellence in battery technology. These batteries are trusted worldwide for their superior quality, durability, and longevity. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your battery won’t let you down when it matters most.

Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

By choosing Trojan Batteries, you’re benefiting your industry and the environment. These batteries are eco-friendly and fully recyclable, contributing to a sustainable future for future generations.

Local Expertise

Battery Central is your local source for Trojan batteries in SE Queensland. With convenient locations in Brisbane and Ipswich, we offer expert advice and personalized service to ensure you get the correct battery.

Affordable Excellence

At Battery Central, we believe quality shouldn’t come at a premium. Our Trojan batteries offer a perfect blend of top-tier performance and affordability. You’ll get exceptional value without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Battery Central

At Battery Central, we pride ourselves on offering our valued customers only the highest quality products. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just products; it includes exceptional customer service and expert advice. When you shop with us, you can expect the following:

1. Talk to Real People

Our knowledgeable staff offers free advice to help you find the correct battery for your needs.

2. Wide Availability

Battery Central carries a diverse range of bands and models to fit all budgets.

3. Competitive Prices

Enjoy competitive pricing with the convenience of a locally Australian-owned and operated brick-and-mortar shop.

4. Price Match/Beat Assurance

Battery Central aim to match and, where possible, beat any advertised price for the same brand and model from other reputable competitors in Australia.

5. Warranty Assurance

Rest easy knowing that our Trojan Batteries have a comprehensive warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

6. Convenient Delivery Options

Benefit from free local delivery from our Brisbane and Ipswich locations

7. Australia Wide Shipping

Australia-wide shipping is available for your convenience.

8. Hassle-Free returns

Our easy No Quibble 30-day Return policy ensures satisfaction for unused and undamaged batteries.

9. Our Battery Guarantee

We guarantee personalized advice on the correct battery for your specific application.

10. After Sales Service

Count on ongoing advice and support even beyond the sale.

11. Expert Guidance

Trust Battery Central to help you choose the correct battery for your specific application.


  • Brand: Trojan
  • Series:  Silver Series
  • Model:  S-105
  • Type: Flooded
  • Voltage:  6
  • Capacity:  215Ah
  • Warranty: 12 Months
Model Voltage CCA Ah (C20) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Terminal Type Private Warranty
Length Width Height T/H
Trojan Flooded Silver Series
S-105 6 n/a 215 262 181 273 26.0 Threaded - + 12 Months
S-1275 12 n/a 145 329 180 272 35.0 Threaded + - 12 Months
S-875 8 n/a 165 259 181 272 28.0 Threaded + - 12 Months
Trojan Deep Cycle Flooded Signature Series
T-105 6 n/a 225 262 181 281 28.0 Threaded - + 12 Months
T-105PLUS 6 n/a 225 262 181 281 28.0 Standard Post - + 12 Months
T-125 6 n/a 240 262 181 283 30.0 Threaded - + 12 Months
T-145 6 n/a 260 262 181 303 33.0 Threaded - + 12 Months
J250G 6 n/a 235 309 174 290 30.0 Standard Post - + 12 Months
J305G-AC 6 n/a 315 312 174 366 40.0 Standard Post - + 12 Months
J305H-AC 6 n/a 360 296 176 366 55.0 Dual Post - + 12 Months
L16G-AC 6 n/a 390 311 174 417 46.0 Standard Post - + 12 Months
L16H-AC 6 n/a 435 296 176 425 55.0 Dual Post - + 12 Months
T-875 8 n/a 170 260 180 283 29.0 Threaded + - 12 Months
24TMX 12 n/a 85 277 168 235 21.0 Threaded + - 12 Months
27TMX 12 n/a 105 326 168 247 25.0 Threaded + - 12 Months
31XHS 12 n/a 130 329 171 243 30.0 Threaded + - 12 Months
T-1275 12 n/a 150 329 181 283 37.0 Threaded + - 12 Months
T-1275PLUS 12 n/a 150 329 181 272 37.0 Threaded + - 12 Months
J185PG-AC 12 n/a 205 380 176 373 53.0 Standard Post + - 12 Months
Trojan Deep Cycle AGM Series
T875-AGM (C-MAX) 8 n/a 160 262 179 273 32.0 M8 Insert + - 12 Months
Trojan Deep Cycle Gel Series
6V-GEL 6 n/a 189 260 180 275 31.0 Dual Post - + 12 Months
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