Deep Cycle Batteries Brisbane

Deep Cycle Batteries

Battery Central Brisbane offers a great range of deep cycle batteries for both commercial and recreational purposes. Deep cycle batteries are designed to provide a constant flow of power over a long period of time although they have the ability to provide a surge if required.

These batteries are designed to be fully discharged regularly and can be done several hundred times (something that would destroy a regular car battery).

Generally a deep cycle battery will carry three times the reserve capacity of car batteries. Most often used in four wheel driving, caravans, camping and in RV’s. As well as pallet jacks, scissor lifts and floor sweepers.

Best Deep Cycle Batteries at lowest prices
There are three types of deep cycle batteries:

Sealed gel batteries are recognised as one of the best available for solar power use as they will not release gas when charging like flooded batteries do allowing them to be used indoors. They have superior performance, higher quality, maintain a better voltage, last longer and self-discharge slower.

These are a lead acid battery with caps to allow water to be added and are often designed specifically for solar charging. They cater well to the cycle of charge and discharge for many years although they do release a gas upon charging, so should only be used outdoors.

Absorbed Glass Matt batteries have a woven glass mat contained between the plates to hold the electrolyte. They don’t produce gas on charging. Are leak and spill proof. Suitable for confined spaces.

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