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How to reset Toyota Prado 120-150 power windows.

If your power windows are not working properly on your Toyota Prado, try this trick. You may also need to do this after replacing your car battery.

As most owners would know, removing the battery and installing a new one requires re-programming the PIN into the car stereo. If you have the PIN and follow the instructions in the owners’ manual to reprogram the radio PIN. It’s Easy.
How to re-program the power windows on your Toyota Prado 120 and 150 series

The instructions on how to re-program the power windows on the Toyota Prado 120-series are somewhat buried in the car owner’s manual. The procedure is called normalising the power windows and can be found on page 23 of the manual under the “Jam protection function” subheading. The section makes absolutely no reference to needing to do this after replacing the Prado’s battery. The from our experience it seems to indicate that it needed to be done every time you replace the car’s battery.

The procedure to normalise the power windows in the 120-series Toyota Prado is:

Push down the power window switch on each door and lower the window halfway.
Pull up the switch until the window closes and hold the switch for a second.
Do this to the three passenger windows using the switches on their respective doors. The master switch on the driver’s door now operates again.

On the 150 Series it seems they have completely removed this information from the manual.

The procedure  for the 150 series is similar except you need to hold the switches in the position for about 10 seconds. in both the up and down position.


A quick note. if you hold the wrong switch it will bind the wrong window. make sure your happy with the layout. You will need to disconnect and reconnect the battery to reset it again.